Web sites, data security, and client relationships should be a pane,
not a pain.

Dirty Window

Is your window on the world smudged?

Your Web Presence

No more smudges on your new, crystal clear digital presence

Let Celsus change your on-line world. Remove visual pollution. Revitalize your clients’ experience. Secure your valuable assets. Automate your tasks. Manage risks.
If you are starting from scratch, let us do it right, at an affordable price. If you have a digital presence, let us save you time and money, and make it right.

  • Web design, implementation, and support
  • Graphic design, logos, user experience
  • Wordsmithing, original artwork

Get found

Search engines are a big deal. You must attract them and tame them. Shhh! Look there’s one now!

We’ll build or rebuild your site’s internals to be clean and creative with all the yummy things that search engines love.

  • Existing site cleanup and modernization
  • Search engine analysis and optimization
  • Monitoring, metrics, tune-ups

You are out there somewhere!


A la carte

Flexible, creative, reasonably priced options

A la carte or full meal deal

You have a vision, a budget, and a reality.

Like a fine restaurant, we have a varied menu. If you know what you want, use your own creativity and choose our services a-la-carte. Our talented line cooks and servers will turn your talents and ideas into a digital feast.
Or use our digital chefs to create a splendid spread while you focus on your business.

Business folks can benefit from a little pragmatism. Start small, get a landing page, add on features and functions as you grow. We’ll help you to be practical and keep a balanced budget

  • Full site support for Shopify, e-commerce, Wordpress, Wix
  • Site conversion, re-platforming

  • Contact
  • info@celsusmgmt.com
  • Calgary, Alberta