Understand and manage the risks of your on-line presence and business processes

Dirty Window

Do you have a $10 fence around your $1000 pony?

Risk Management

Protect your assets and manage risk wisely

Taking a risk is one thing. Not knowing what risk you are taking is quite another.

Don’t be a victim of ransomware, defacement, and spam. Already have a web site? We’ll do a no-charge

security scan and give you a report of potential security vulnerabilities. We’ll work with you to clean up and spruce up.

Our hosting service ensures that you have ownership of all your material and blogs

  • Complimentary web site security scans
  • Risk assessment and impact analysis

Fix the cracks

Protect your livelihood and your information. Celsus has the tools, controls, services, and expertise to make sure your e-life stays on-line.

Simple works, messy and complex often doesn’t. A reliable and secure site is clean and streamlined. You won’t get that with a ‘free’ template

We host your site on a high availability, secure, private cloud. And we provide ongoing security, optimization, tweaks, maintenance, and scans.

  • Secure web and task automation hosting
  • Full cyber security programs and tools

Is your window on the world cracked?


A la carte

Can you weather the security storm?

Make sure your business can recover and continue when disaster strikes.

Security incidents, natural disasters, and other nasty events are becoming more and more frequent. They can seriously affect on-line business and disrupt your business processes. Celsus will help you mitigate the effects of those events and ensure your continuity of operations.

Minutes can count in a crisis. We'll make sure your plans are integrated, reasonable, practical, and tested.

  • Disaster recovery plans and services
  • Business continuity plans and services
  • On-line ERP integration

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  • info@celsusmgmt.com
  • Calgary, Alberta