Your business processes should be your accelerator, not your brakes!

Awkward Processes

Are your processes awkward or slow?

Process Innovation

E-commerce, e-tasks, e-expertise. E-'just about anything you can imagine'. Bring your business processes to on-line life, and reap huge benefits.

Our Celsus team brings decades of business process engineering to automate, facilitate, and bring a snap and a jump to your processes and tasks. Work out the wrinkles, lose the ladders, and widen the windows. Tasks that now take hours can often be done in seconds with the right tools.

  • On-line task and process automation
  • On-line databases
  • MS Office Suite automation

Realize your creativity

We know the tools and techniques to carve your creativity into reality.

  • Mobile and desktop applications
  • Geographic information systems

You know your business


A la carte

Knowledge is power

Measure and Optimize

Profit is in the details.

We'll help you take the pain out of unprofitable practices and tasks. Measurement, analysis, and control are critical to gaining and keeping the competitive edge.

  • Process and task analysis and optimization
  • Process and task metrics and improvements

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